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West Virginia Academy Establishes Its Initial Governing Board

Morgantown, West Virginia - January 22, 2020. West Virginia Academy, Ltd., established its initial Board of Governors that will oversee the process for obtaining a charter, set the policy and direction for the charter school, and conduct the process to establish the entity as a public charity with 501(c)(3) status. The board of governors is comprised of a group of parents with expertise in primary, secondary, and higher education as well as finance, law, and accounting. Most of the members of the board bring experience in multiple key areas and the initial board of five members includes three college educators, two former middle school teachers, two CPAs, and two licensed attorneys. Each member of the board is a parent that is dedicated to the advancement of education both in Monongalia County and throughout West Virginia.

The board will meet regularly throughout the next eighteen months to complete the process for obtaining a charter and then oversee the process of establishing West Virginia Academy as one of West Virginia's first public charter schools. "We're really excited about the group of individuals who comprise our initial board," said John Treu, the organization's president. "Since we're a non-profit entity we are all working as volunteers, but the professionalism and dedication to improving college readiness in West Virginia is a very exciting thing for all of us to be a part of." The organization will continue to seek support from parents and volunteers in the community to advance its educational mission.

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John Treu
John Treu
Jan 29, 2020

@crystalbluetravel Any funds raised will be used for the school. West Virginia Academy, Ltd. is a non-profit and before obtaining a charter the organization must have filed for 501(c)(3) status with the IRS. Under WV and federal law, any funds that are generated by the school must be used for its stated educational purpose. Our board of governors are all volunteers that cannot be employed by the organization.


I’m curious to know how much money will be generated from this school and how it will be used.

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