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Supplemental Programs Pricing

Supplemental program pricing for each session of before and after school programming follows a standard model for all sessions:

    - $5.00 per session per child if registered by the month or term; 

    - $10 a session for any attendance without registration; 

Alternative fees may apply for after-school clubs and competitive sports on a case by case basis. 

Sessions are offered on all academic days, except for early-release days, and the schedule for these sessions is as follows:

Before School Session - 7:00 to 7:40 AM

After School Session #1 - 3:10 to 4:00 PM

After School Session #2 - 4:00 to 4:50 PM

After School Extended Session - 4:50  - 5:20 PM

All sessions are 50 minutes except for the "extended" after-school session. We do not offer a discount on pricing for the briefer final session of the day because it runs beyond the standard workday when costs for providers are more expensive. 

Please be aware for the following policies for registration and pickup to avoid any additional fees:  

1) Please pick up your child no later than 4:05 PM for Session #1, 5:00pm for Session #2, and 5:25pm for the "extended time" session to avoid incurring additional fees;

2) Families of students who attend any portion of an after-school session without registering will be charged $10 for each session;

3) Families of students who are not picked up prior to 5:25pm will be charged for "emergency care" at a rate of $3 per minute;

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