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Secondary School


West Virginia Academy’s Secondary School mission is to build upon our scholar’s academic success in becoming an effective communicator, creative collaborator, dynamic leader, and promising innovator by increasing their global awareness through developing intercultural communication skills and a holistic approach to problem solving. We will train, support, and mentor our educators to use evidence-based educational instructions and interventions that promote each scholar’s academic success, and well-being

Holistic Approach to Problem Solving

There are five aspects of teaching in a holistic way that staff will be trained and mentored in. Each teacher will know exactly how to implement these interactions within their course of study. These areas include: knowledge generation and acquisition, self-discovering or creation of personal constructs, seeking ways to develop personal improvement, transmission of knowledge from discipline to discipline, and reflection on the learning and teaching in each course.

  1. Knowledge Generation

  2. Self-Discovery

  3. Develop Personal Improvement

  4. Transmission of Knowledge between disciplines

  5. Reflection

Global Awareness

Global awareness is a worldview or way of thinking about one’s place in an increasingly interconnected world. WVA has applied to begin an International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program that will focus on cross-cultural and transnational investigations of modes and motivations of human activities (application pending). In today’s society we recognize that to be successful in the workplace our scholars must develop a greater world view in each of our topics of study.

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Intercultural Communication Skills

Dual language learning can provide profound global perspective and students with skills across multiple languages can understand how others perceive the world with more acuity than non-lingual speakers. The learning of other languages has been termed the antidote to cultural intolerance by addressing the specific needs of globalization.  Each of our scholars will learn Latin during their first two years of their middle years program. This will provide a great base for a variety of future languages

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