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Advisory Committee of Families (ACF)


Stephanie McWilliams -

The ACF is West Virginia Academy's Parent Organization.  Their main role is to organize volunteers for our classrooms, lunches, recesses, term breaks, community events, etc.  They also help raise money for various projects around the school.

If you are interested in joining the ACF, sign-ups for specific committees are available the Meet and Greet each year.  Missed the Meet and Greet - Call the front office or email the President above to let them know you want to be apart of the ACF.

Volunteer Committees include:
Facility Support
Helps with moving, refurbishing, reconfiguring, etc projects as needed.
Clubs Coordinator
Assists in getting various club offerings after school for scholar enrichment.
Culminating Event Committee
Helps to organize, decorate, and run various school-wide events.
General School Volunteer
Assists with the WVA Swap Shop, helps monitor lunches and recess.
Teacher Appreciation Committee
Organizes events for teachers.
Academic Support Team
Parent leaders for individual classrooms

Connecting Home and School


Class Dojo Connects YOU with the TEACHER

In order to connect, you will need the WVA Teacher's code.  Email the teacher or call the front office for assistance.

Student Video Introduction
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Parent Resources to Connect


Instructional video links are below

Past News
Mandatory Attendance - Attendance at West Virginia Academy fulfills the mandatory attendance requirements for children under state law. Our policies are designed to support our academic programs in meeting the needs of the whole child. Absences add up!  Also, for every 10 tardies, your scholar will receive an unexcused absence. Scholars are considered TRUANT when they reach 10 unexcused absences.  Please ensure your child is at school and on time each day.

Educational or Family Leave of Absence - West Virginia Academy recognizes the importance of experiential learning and family enrichment opportunities and supports these efforts through its student leave policy. Please make sure you complete and submit the form in advance of taking leave so that educational or family leave is not improperly counted as an unexcused absence. 

Educational or Family Leave of Absence Form

Sick Days -
We understand our scholars may need to stay home for illness in order to recover and ensure a healthy environment for other students. Notifying administration and teachers early is beneficial for continuity of learning. Also, please bring your excused note to the front office within THREE days of returning to school.  You can also email the excuse to 
For other Policies and information  - See our Parent-Student Handbook

Parent-Student Handbook

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