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Hope Scholarship Services

West Virginia Academy plans to become a Hope Scholarship education service provider with individual live and online classes, extra-curricular activities, part-time kindergarten programs, and standardized testing and curriculum approval services. Also, full-time enrollment at our charter school provides an alternative path than traditional public schools to initially qualify for the Hope Scholarship. Once a student qualifies, they can seamlessly switch from a full-time charter school to "hopeschooling" and continue in some of their exact same live classes and programs while homeschooling in other topics. This maximizes flexibility for families.

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Programs for Hope Scholarship Students

West Virginia Academy will become an official provider of Hope Scholarship services when that program is launched in the Fall of 2022. This will dramatically simplify the billing and payment processes for families who receive the Hope Scholarship. See what we're planning below.

Half-Day Kindergarten

We plan to offer half-day options for Kindergarten classes. Our programs are based on our standard academic structure for full-time students, but with a modified schedule that optimizes academics and social development. Both morning and afternoon programs include academic and social development, but the morning program will tend to focus more heavily on academics whereas the afternoon will focuses more on social development.  

Individual Courses, Extra-Curriculars, and Supplemental Programming

We plan to offer programs that include individual and bundled courses by topic at the Primary and Secondary school levels. Homeschooling families can take specific topics in a live classroom setting at our school or online. Extra-curricular activities, P.E. and intra-mural sports, as well as after-school and term break programming will all be available to "hope-schoolers." These academic programs are being designed with the Hope Scholarship and homeschooling families in mind. 

Homeschool Compliance Support

We also assist homeschooling families with state requirements by offering student progress reviews by certified teachers as well as standardized testing services. At the option of the family, this process may include a curriculum review consultation and educational plan guidance. 

Charter School as a Bridge to Qualifying for the Hope Scholarship

The Hope Scholarship program requires that a school age child be currently enrolled in public school at the time an application for the Hope Scholarship is submitted. This hurdle isn't in place for incoming Kindergarteners, but most families in private school or homeschooling do not qualify for the Hope Scholarship. Families that want to qualify that would prefer not to enroll in traditional public schools can do so by enrolling full-time at West Virginia Academy. After attending full-time for the first term, a child can apply and receive the Hope Scholarship to switch over to one of our hope-schooling programs. Students in this scenario can even continue in the live classes they were already taking the term before and keep the same instructors and classmates. This approach does require formal full-time enrollment in our live charter school for the first term of the academic year. Please see our enrollments page for more details on the process to enroll. 

Hope Scholarship programs at West Virginia Academy are provided through the West Virginia Academy Support Foundation. If you are interested in receiving more details about these programs then please send an email to

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