Modified School Schedule


Term Schedule

Outside the Classroom

Our school year is divided into four terms.  Between each term is a three to four week break.  After the final fourth term there will be a six week summer break before starting the next school year.
We will be utilizing each term break to offer special services to our students to enhance their educational experience.  Some of those experiences include:


Extended Learning Opportunities

During our term breaks, we plan on offering remediation for those that need extra help in their core subjects.  Reading, Math, and Language skills will be taught and our hope is to have students up to their grade level or higher as soon as we can.

Gifted and Talented Extension Programs

The term breaks are a wonderful opportunity to provide extra courses to challenge and stretch those highly motivated students.  We plan on offering mini-courses in all our STEAM areas.

Basketball Match

Athletic Clinics

We plan on having multiple competitive sports teams at our school.  Instead of having long practices during the school week that can compromise the student's study time, we will offer shorter practices during the term and longer clinics during our term breaks.  This way our teams can have concentrated time to devote to their practices. 
We also plan to offer athletic clinics to those not on a sports team to introduce them to a variety of team sports.


We plan on offering multiple clubs at our school that extend the interests of our students.  Music, Drama, Chess, Art, Book Clubs, the options are as endless as we have student interests.  During the Term breaks these clubs can meet, compete, and plan events related to their topic.


Weekly Schedule

During each term our school days are divided into Instruction Days and Experience Days.  Typically Monday through Thursday will be Instruction Days with longer class time devoted to our core knowledge subjects.  Most Fridays will be Experience Days.  What will we do on Experience Days?

West Virginia Academy Ambassador Projects

School Assemblies from State and Community Members

Prepare for and Participate in School Wide Community Events