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WVA School Calendar and
Bell Schedules
Learning Beyond the Classroom

Our school year is divided into four terms with at least a two-week break in between each term. Special programming over each break provides our student scholars with the opportunity to enhance their learning and development. All students who are not on grade-level core topics receive remediation free of charge in the mornings during break programming.

Bell Schedule

During each term our school days are divided into Instruction Days and Experience Days.  Monday through Thursday are Instruction Days.  Primary grades have leveled learning in reading, math, and language in the mornings. Their afternoons will be filled with grade level learning, history, science, and specials.  Secondary students will be participating in their block courses.  During lunch they will have the opportunity to participate in two chosen clubs.  Clubs can be changed only at the semester.  We encourage parents to schedule appointments for their children avoiding the foundational core subjects (math, language/reading and science).

Fridays are Experiential Days.  Our primary students participate hands-on activities in Science and History through the Core Knowledge culminating activities.  Grades 3rd and older will be taking piano lessons.  Our secondary students will be attending all 8 of their classes to provide extra hands-on practice and discussions.  All scholars will have assemblies where twice a month they will participate in a "Show what you know" event, where all scholars and classes show off their learning to their peers.

Ambassador Days

Once a month our scholars will be able to go to the WVA-Preston Campus.  There they will compete in Intramurals and learn more, through experience, about their team Virtue.  Students are to wear their Friday attire on these days.  Parents are welcome to volunteer to help on these days.  To find out when these days are scheduled - see our calendar.

Mid-Term Break Programming

West Virginia Academy’s unique balanced calendar provides for the reallocation of the 180 instruction days more evenly throughout the year. We have four terms consisting of nine weeks of instruction with two a week term break in between. During each of these term breaks West Virginia Academy will offer various mini-courses to provide enrichment and experiential learning while school is out of session.

Check the Academic Schedule to see the dates of these breaks.

Term Break Courses

General Courses

Every term break the following courses will always be available:

  • Little Explorers (PreK and Kinders only)

  • Remediation

  • Art Camp

  • Sports Camp

Specialty Courses:

(Please note: these classes have limited availability and are only offered in the first 2 session)

  • Fall Term Break: Robotics, Film, and Outdoor Adventure

  • Winter Term Break: Skiing, Creative Writing, and Music

  • Spring Term Break: Theater, Mad Science, and Aquatics

  • Summer Term Break: Gardening, Culinary Class, and Hiking

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