Frequently Asked Questions

Teenage Students Raising Hands

There has been a lot of information reported about West Virginia charter schools. We address some of the most common concerns and questions parents are asking about this unique new approach to public education.

Q: Are West Virginia Charter Schools Public Schools?

The answer to this is a resounding YES.  The WV charter school law states that “[a]ll public charter schools established under this article are public schools and are part of the state’s public education system.” (see West Virginia Code Sec. 18-5G-1(c)) As part of the public education system, charter schools mirror public schools in many ways, particularly in terms of the curriculum that is covered. 

Q: What is the difference between Public Charter Schools and Traditional Public Schools?

Public charter schools are granted more flexibility how the state curriculum is presented and in the academic standards to which they adhere. The stated purpose of the public charter school model is to empower new, innovative, and more flexible ways of educating West Virginia children. Charter schools have greater flexibility in terms of establishing distinctive curriculum and innovative practices and programs to engage student learning. Public charter schools may also expand opportunities for parents, community members, and local entities to meaningfully engage in the public school system.

Q: Can West Virginia Public Charter Schools Teach Anything?

No. Public charter schools are still responsible for the same student performance standards as all other public schools. They report to their respective county school board and face oversight for failure to meet expectations as set forth in their charter.

The innovative techniques and themes public charters can incorporate set them apart from traditional public schools, which allows children to learn in various ways. Public charter schools are little labs where new and proven curriculum, technology, and teaching strategies can be implemented among West Virginia students.  

Q: Will West Virginia Academy have a Competitive Sports Program?

Yes!  According to West Virginia Charter Code, public charter schools are "eligible to participate in state-sponsored or district-sponsored athletic and academic interscholastic leagues, competitions, awards, scholarships, and recognition programs for students, educators, administrators, and schools to the same extent as noncharter public schools"

Q.  Will West Virginia Academy have the same State Assessments?

Yes!  West Virginia Academy will give the same standardize tests as in non-charter public schools.  Assessments are important measures for our teachers and administrators to see if our teaching methods and curriculum are successful.

Q. Will the students have bus transportation?

Yes.  Public charter schools have access to the same bus transportation as non-charter public schools

Q. Can Anyone Attend West Virginia Academy?

Yes.  We plan on having open enrollment in January of 2022.  If we have more applications than spots at our school, we will hold a lottery in a public location.  If one of your children gets accepted into the school all the siblings are automatically accepted as well in most cases.