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West Virginia Academy
Primary School


West Virginia Academy’s Primary School mission is to help our scholars achieve academic and personal success by becoming effective communicators, creative collaborators, dynamic leaders, and promising innovators for the state of West Virginia. We will train, support, and mentor our educators to use evidence-based educational instruction and interventions that promote each scholar’s well-being and academic progress. 

Four Target Areas

Effective Communication

Dynamic Leaders

Creative Collaborators

Promising Innovators


WVA's Building Blocks for Mastery



We value personalization. Each scholar comes to school with unique talents, skills and abilities. Therefore, we believe instruction needs to be adapted to accommodate those with unique learning styles. We also believe that each scholar can learn and master material when taught by highly effective evidence-based education and educators who are empowered through adequate training, support and materials.


Positive Learning Culture

Students are entitled to a learning environment that is safe, respectful, and academically rigorous. Each of our teachers will be using the same classroom management style.  This approach is very positive and focuses on clear expectations.


Self-Management Skills

We believe in self-management skills. Explicit teaching and focusing on social skills will help provide our scholars with the appropriate social behaviors they need to successfully interact with their peers and adults both in the school setting and beyond.

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