WVA Charter School
Enrollment Process

The enrollment process at West Virginia Academy involves three basic steps over a consistent timeline from year to year: (1) Pre-enrollment, (2) Formal application, and (3)  Enrollment.

We are currently in the pre-registration phase for Fall 2022
(Pre-registration deadline is 12/15)
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West Virginia Academy Enrollment Process and Timeline

August to December 

January to March 

April - May


Provides our school with confidential notice of your intention to apply and seek to enroll your child along with basic information. Pre-registering enables our school to identify demand, plan for capacity and better serve the needs of your family. This process occurs each Fall.

Formal Application

The formal application process is where parents/guardians provide detailed information regarding their child(ren) officially seeking enrollment for the next school year. This application process occurs annually from the months of January to March.

Official Enrollment

If our total applicants do not exceed total capacity by grade then all applicants are formally enrolled for the upcoming Fall term.  If demand exceeds capacity then a random public lottery is held in mid-April to allocate available spots.  Students that are not selected are given a priority spot on our wait-list.

In an effort to ensure that all children have an equal opportunity to enroll in charter schools in West Virginia, the charter law imposes a rigid formal application and enrollment procedure and timeline. There is no enrollment criteria or minimum GPA for enrolling at West Virginia Academy.


At West Virginia Academy, we strictly follow these statutory timelines and procedures for formal applications and official enrollment. However, much of the planning for enrollment capacity-including facilities and hiring of faculty and staff-must be well underway prior to the April preceding each school year. We use a pre-registration process so that interested families can provide notice of their intention to apply and enroll before the formal process begins in an effort to accommodate as many interested students as possible. Pre-registration is particularly important this first year as demonstrated demand impacts the outcome of our charter application as well as financing and grant funding opportunities.


All pre-registrants will be mailed hard-copy applications as soon as the application window opens and may be invited to give feedback that will shape programs and offerings at the school. Even though pre-registration is not required prior to filing a formal application, additional capacity will be based on the extent of pre-registrants each year; thus pre-registering your child increases the likelihood that there will be available space in your child's grade during the enrollment process.

If you plan to formally apply to West Virginia Academy, please pre-register today!