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Enrollment Process

West Virginia Academy is a public state-funded charter school and so any student that resides in WV may attend for free once admitted. 

Admissions and enrollments are conducted based on a priority system where available space is offered in the following order:

1. Continuing and Transfers Students: Students currently attending (including mid-year transfer students) that complete the registration for next year by the priority deadline of February 10, 2023 are guaranteed a space for the 2023-2024 academic year. So the best way for any prospective student to achieve admission to West Virginia Academy is to act before the priority deadline by: (i) completing a new student application to be admitted this school year as a mid-year transfer student and then (ii) completing the registration for the following school year. 

2. Timely Applicants: Prospective students for next year who complete a new student application by the priority deadline of February 10, 2023 are admitted based on available remaining space and, if the total applications for any grade level exceed the available space, then a lottery is held on February 15th to randomly select students for admission and wait-list any students who are not admitted.

3. Transfers After Deadline: Students who complete a new student application to transfer to West Virginia Academy after the priority deadline of February 10, 2023 are enrolled only if space is available in their grade level for the following year taking continuing students and admitted applicants for the following year into account (the last day to transfer is April 7th, 2023). 
4. Applications After the Deadline: Prospective students who apply after the priority deadline for the 2023-2024 academic year are then admitted in the order each application is received. If the grade level for the applicant is full then the student is wait-listed, again in the order the application is received. Notice of admission and enrollment is provided starting in mid-April and admissions are conducted on a rolling basis going into the academic year.  

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