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Lottery Process

Each year West Virginia Academy accepts applications from prospective students for the following academic year until the priority deadline each spring. The registration timeline is posted each year by the beginning of February for the following fall enrollments. Currently enrolled students, including mid-year transfer students, always receive the top priority and do not have to re-apply each year so long as they register before the priority deadline.  If the total new applications for a particular grade level exceed available space in that grade level, then a lottery process must be conducted to randomly select students to take the remaining available spots. 

The lottery is conducted at West Virginia Academy and families are permitted, but not required, to attend. Student applicants are assigned spots at random within different preference pools, as required by the West Virginia charter law. The order of priority for each preference pool is as follows: 

(1) Applicants who are siblings of currently enrolled or admitted students;


(2) Applicants who are children of employees or governing board members of WVA;


(3) Applicants who reside in the primary recruitment area of the school;


(4) All other applicants;

Applicant students who are selected via the lottery are notified and will be enrolled for the following school year. All remaining students are assigned to a wait list with the order of priority established using the same lottery system so that all student applicants are either admitted or assigned to the wait list during the lottery. Wait-listed students are notified and will be contacted in the order of priority on the wait-list as soon as space becomes available. 

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