West Virginia Academy Ambassadors

At West Virginia Academy, we’re proud to offer a unique educational program designed with collective impact in mind. 

Each student at West Virginia Academy will be participating in our West Virginia Ambassador program. An ambassador is a representative, an advocate, and a leader - an individual who naturally puts into action the social and professional protocols necessary for success in the business world, educational pursuits, and family relationships.

The West Virginia Academy Ambassador Program is built around the four pillars of education: Learn to know, Learn to do, Learn to be, and Learn to live together.  We have established educational experiences to enhance our student’s learning and character development.  As students participate in the West Virginia Ambassador Program they will become more effective communicators, creative collaborators, dynamic leaders, and change-makers for the state of West Virginia.

Image by Shane Rounce

Learn to BE

Environmental Project Area


Civic Project Area

Learn to KNOW

Cultural Project Area

Learn to DO

Entrepreneurial Project Area