WVA Ambassador

West Virginia Academy is committed to a whole child approach to education.

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A significant aspect of any successful educational program is a culture that promotes positive interaction, teamwork, and the development of social skills. As such, each student will participate as a member of a team in our West Virginia Ambassador program. An ambassador is a team player, an advocate, and a leader - an individual who naturally puts into action the social and professional protocols necessary for success in educational pursuits, the business world, and family relationships. 

The purpose of our WVA Ambassador program is to teach our scholars interpersonal skills, physical fitness, social problem-solving, and self-management skills in the context of peer and adult interactions.

Meet Our Teams


Means: Wholesomeness/ Purity

Social Skills include: Sense of Morality, Health, Dignity, Truth

Team Color : Blue


Means: Resolute

Social Skills include: Endurance, Perseverance, Courage

Team Color: Gold


Means: Justice

Social Skills include: Order, Fairness, Responsibility, Empathy

Team Color: Silver


Means: Selfless

Social Skills include: Generosity, Simplicity, and Charity

Team Color: White

Every student is assigned to one of the four teams within the Ambassador Program for the school year. Each term the individual teams will complete an activity or project based on one of the four pillars of education with their team's virtue in mind. Intramural sports and competitions will be held within this same team structure. The team advisors and the Team Student Boards are empowered to plan, coordinate, and guide their team to carry out each project and succeed in competition. Students rotate through the teams from year to year in order to master each of the four virtues and sibling groups are generally assigned to the same team. 
Image by Stephanie Ecate
Ultimate Field Day Challenge

At the end of each year, the teams will go head to head to compete in various challenges that will put them to the test both physically and mentally.  Each year the challenges will be different so teams need to be ready for anything.  The winning team will receive the WVA Team Cup and each member of that team receives a medal and prizes are awarded for outstanding individual achievement across all teams!