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Meaning: To be Resolute

Motto: Learn to Be​

Social Skills include: Endurance, Perseverance, Courage​

Team Color: Gold

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Roman history tells of the tale of Publius Horatius Cocles, who voluntarily held a bridge against the Etruscan invaders with two of his colleagues. In this feat, he faced an almost certain death in order to protect Rome. Historians tell us that many decades later the survivors of the defeat at Cannae requested the very toughest and most dangerous roles in the next confrontation with the Carthaginians. This request was made not for glory, but to prove their spirit compared to Horatius Cocles.

Ancient Stone Sculpture

Just as Cicero put it, “The greater the difficulty, the greater the splendor.”

In Latin, Constantia means resolute. Without it, an individual is never committed. Overcoming challenges with perseverance was an essential part of Roman life. Constantia is the virtue that drives an individual to pursue a purpose and realize a goal. Unsurprisingly, this virtue is heavily linked to the virtue of self-control and resilience. Endurance, both of mind and body, are essential to constantia. Physical fitness and therefore endurance were ideals held in high regard. The stronger the mind and body the better one can face daily challenges both mental and physical. The quality of courage also falls within the framework of constantia. Without constantia, courage is impossible. 

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