Smiling Student

West Virginia Academy


Secondary School


Our mission is to provide a well-rounded, inquiry-based curriculum that helps students gain intercultural communication skills, become internationally-minded learners, and acquire a holistic approach to problem solving.  We will train and support our educators on research-based instructional techniques to promote each student’s academic success, and well-being.


  • Our vision is to create a primary and secondary school culture that fosters each student’s learning, leadership, strength of character, global awareness, and academic ability.

  • We strive to recruit, hire, develop, and retain a diverse faculty and staff that are fully committed to each student’s academic success and will contribute to our learning community with diligence, competence, and professionalism.  

  • We aspire to become a strong, positive community that brings educators, parents, and professionals together for the benefit of each student’s growth and development.


  1. We value Personalization.  Each student comes to school with unique talents, skills and abilities.  Therefore, we believe instruction needs to be adapted to accommodate each child’s unique learning style.  We also believe that each student can learn and master material when taught by highly effective educators who are empowered through adequate training and materials.

  2. We believe in a Learning Culture.  Students are entitled to a learning environment that is safe, respectful, and academically rigorous.  

  3. We believe in Character Development. Students should be given opportunities and experiences to grow and mature. Proper character development helps to create a positive student community, improve academic performance, and develop students’ confidence when confronting life’s difficulties and challenges.