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West Virginia Academy has a Dress Code that applies to students of all ages that attend our school and a Uniform Policy for students on experience days beginning in Pre-K. For academic days (Monday through Thursday) all students dress following the standard dress code guidelines. On experience days (Fridays) students in grades K-11 will wear either: (i) the required uniform if they have a field trip or special event, or (ii) their ambassador team clothing. Also, students must bring swim wear on swim days.

We describe the required uniforms, ambassador team wear, swim wear, and academic day dress codes below in more detail. 

Required Uniform Items:

Beginning in Kindergarten, when students attend a field trip or we host a special guest at our school, they will be asked to wear one of two required uniform items that must be purchased from a designated vendor. These two required items include: (1) A gold polo with our navy embroidered logo for field trips and events on warmer days, and (2) a navy blazer (or cardigan sweater) with our gold embroidered logo for formal events and field trips on colder days. 


The two required uniform items are available at our school store with one of the following two designated vendors:

Cookies Kids

French Toast

You can now purchase clothing at the Blue and Gold Graphics Store in Morgantown.

Swimming Days: All of our students K - 9th grade will be swimming this year.  We have also set up a school store featuring modest swimwear for all of our scholars. You can access the store here. Families that wish their child to wear swimwear with increased modesty compared to the options provided at our school store-including in observance of religious beliefs or practices-are permitted to do so, but should notify our school of the same and seek attire that aligns with the color scheme of our designated swim wear. Please note that two-piece swimwear is not permitted for school swimming events.

Friday Dress

For the Fridays your child is not participating in a field trip or special event, they will be wearing casual PE clothes that represent their Ambassador Team.  Every student will be receiving one T-shirt in the color of their Ambassador team the first week of class. Replacement t-shirts are $10.


Spirit wear featuring your Ambassador Team is not required but may be worn on Fridays. 

To access your Team store click on the appropriate logo below.

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Original Logo.png
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