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Meaning: Wholesomeness, Purity

Motto: Learn to Know

Social Skills include: Sense of Morality, Health, Dignity, Truth

Team Color: White

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A humble inscription found on the wall of an ancient Roman farm describes salubritas elegantly and simply, “Take all this as true advice, whoever wants to live really well and freely… Earn others’ trust. Don’t speak or listen to slander. If you don’t harm or betray anyone, you will lead a pleasant life, uprightly and happily, giving no offense.”


The term, “Salibritas” can be translated into English as, wholesome, healthy or pure. The ancient Romans described wholesomeness within two contexts, the first being whole or healthy in relation to one’s personal values, ethics, and mental mindset. The second relates to being healthy in regards to one’s physical well-being. Uniting these ideas is the concept of overall mental, physical, and spiritual purity and health. In other words, one can only be “whole” if they are fully healthy and have dignity. The value of truthfulness is an important aspect of salubritas.

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