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Primary Recruitment Area

Public charter schools differ from traditional public schools because any student that resides in West Virginia can attend any West Virginia charter school without regard to school or district boundaries. However,  for administrative purposes, the charter law requires charter schools to designate a geographic area where the school will focus its recruiting efforts, called a Primary Recruitment Area (PRA). Students within the PRA are given a preference for initial enrollment if there is inadequate space to accommodate demand for all new applicants. This impacts only the initial enrollment as all returning students are given the same opportunity to return irrespective of whether or not they reside in the PRA. Also, West Virginia Academy will provide transportation to and from school for students residing within its PRA and parents of students outside the PRA instead receive a reimbursement for travel expenses.  The PRA is subject to adjustment each year ahead of the enrollment process by the charter school's governing board. 

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West Virginia Academy's Primary Recruitment Area

West Virginia Academy's primary recruitment area is a reflection of our purpose as a non-profit charitable organization to improve education in West Virginia by establishing a charter school with a divers student body and sharing our successes with willing parties within the public education system. In Monongalia County, our PRA encapsulates the entire boundary of the elementary school with the largest population and proportion of minorities and English language learners (North Elementary School), a substantial portion of the school with the highest population of students from low income families (Skyview Elementary), as well as much of the boundaries of the schools with some of the highest rates of overcrowding  and growth (Cheat Lake Elementary, Suncrest, Eastwood, and North). Further, our PRA encompasses part of the boundary of the Bruceton School in Preston County, which provides additional diversity within the student base by including students from a rural location and addresses a significant need for students in that area, particularly as our school expands into the high school years. Specific details about the boundary for our PRA are described below. 

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PRA Boundary Description: The West Virginia Academy Primary Recruitment (PRA) boundary line begins at the intersection of Patteson Dr. and Monongahela Blvd. (US 19 WV 7) and then proceeds in a straight line to the south and west across the Monongahela River to the intersection of Dent Run Boulevard and Main Street in Granville. The line continues along Dent Run (to the SW and then SE) to the intersection of Fairmont Road (US 19) and Dent Run Boulevard in Westover, WV and continuing SE along the southern boundary of Westover City Park and there crossing Dupont Road. From there the line proceeds almost directly East to the mouth of Deckers Creek (crossing River Road and the Monongahela River). The boundary follows Deckers Creek (going SE) past High Street and follows the bend in the creek to Spruce Street and then continues NE along Spruce Street to the intersection with Willey St. From there the line proceeds briefly in a SE direction along Willey St. and then continues in a NE direction along North Willey Street (US 119) and continuing on to Mileground Road and then to Cheat Road where the line intersects with I-68.  The boundary continues E on I-68 for approximately 21 miles to the Hazelton exit in Preston County and then proceeds N very briefly along Glen Farms Rd, E very briefly along Moyers Rd. and then N along Hanlin Rd., then E along Moyers Road, then N along Wayne Brown Rd and then N across the North Preston Highway to a point that is ¼ mile north of North Preston Highway. The boundary then proceeds West and South along a point ¼ a mile to the north of the North Preston Highway until the incorporated area of Bruceton Mills, WV at which point the boundary continues along a point ½ mile north of the I-68 west to Cheat Lake, WV to the point ½ mile north of I-68 and directly south of the intersection with Fairchance Road and Morgan Run Road. From there the boundary then runs precisely N to said intersection and then continues along Morgan Run Road to the Cheat Lake Park and then continues in a W/SW line toward the northernmost border of the University HIgh property. The line then continues E to the Monongahela River. From there, the boundary follows the Monongahela River SW winding until connecting with West Run. Then proceeding SW up West Run to the East ending of Ackerman Rd and from there continuing SE along the West Boundary of the Windwood Village Townhomes and connecting to Van Voorhis Rd. From there the line proceeds east and then south along Van Voorhis Rd. continuing onto the 705 and then Patterson Drive returning to the starting point at Patteson Dr. and Monongahela Blvd. (US 19 WV 7).

Please refer to the map for the entire PRA (above) as well as the maps of the Morgantown and Bruceton Mills Areas of the PRA (below). 

Morgantown PRA - Detailed Map.jpg
Bruceton Mills PRA Map.jpg
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