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WVA Community Events

TERM 1 (August - October)

Fall WVA Open House

New student enrollment starts April 1st, and we want you to let all your friends know. This is a great opportunity for all neighbors and friends to meet our teachers, tour the school, and see just how amazing West Virginia Academy truly is. This Open House is open to students and non-students alike. We will be giving away WVA Swag and clothing!

Fall Fest
Last Day of Term 1

WVA's Annual Fall Fest occurs on the last day of term 1. Each grade will be responsible for running a booth with a game that corresponds with the theme for the term. Not only will there be educational and fun grade-level booths, but each homeroom class will be given an opportunity to make a scarecrow reflecting some aspect they learned that fits the theme. Families, Community members, and student groups will also be encouraged to create a scarecrow representing the current theme.  The scarecrows will be displayed and judged with winners receiving certificates and awards.

Cultural Connection Night
Last Friday in December

Cultural Connection is just like it sounds, an event to connect people and various cultures all around the world. To prepare for this community night, homeroom teachers explore one culture with their class during term 2. Homerooms create a booth with art, artifacts, food, etc. to present at Cultural Connection. Each homeroom also creates a work of art representing their culture that we will auction off that night.

Hall of History
March 1, 2024

“Knowing the Past, opens doors to the future.” (Carter G. Woodson) West Virginia Academy’s community event for the four term is the Hall of History. This event will turn our school into a living history exhibit. Based on the theme for the term, the primary students will discovery teh historical significance of various artifacts, pictures, posters, and other items that fit within a specific era they are learning in their grade.  The secondary students will be assigned specific events surrounding the theme and historical time period they are studying in their courses.  The oldest students, will be able to choose a famous individual and actually “become” that person for the night. They will answer questions and give a monologue to peers and community members throughout the night. Not only does this help our scholars truly experience history, it educates all those that come in an inventive unique way. Our goal is to make history come alive in our very school.

Science Fair
April 26, 2024

WVA's Annual Science Fair will include entries from all grades. Student projects will be judged in the morning and after school the fair will be opened to the community.  There will also be a variety of science activities for all ages.  

Ocean Week
May 28 - 31, 2024

West Virginia Academy scholars will have a chance to discover the wonders and importance of WATER.  Students will be exploring how our planet and everything on it depends on water.  Look forward to themed spirit days, extra competitions and school-wide events.

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