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Best Teacher in Morgantown

West Virginia Academy is thrilled to announce that Connie Eli, our 2nd grade teacher, is a finalist for the Best of Morgantown 2024 Competition. You can vote for her once per day, so let's get voting! Here is the link.

Professor Eli is dedicated to the education of our scholars. She has quickly become the example on how to teach our unique curriculum. In fact, all substitutes and new hires are required to sit in on Prof. Eli's class to see a master teacher at work.

Connie has been a strong advocate for West Virginia Academy and the path it provides for families in Morgantown. She goes above and beyond for her students with Friday activities as well as making the most out of our Culminating Activities. This past year, her students made a Chinese dragon for Cultural Connection, brochures and presentations on the various counties in West Virginia, and even published a book featuring each of her 2nd grade scholars.

We love Prof. Eli and look forward to many more years of her influencing our young students. Once again, voting is going on NOW! Click on the link below:

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