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Governor recognizes the hard work and accomplishments at West Virginia Academy

West Virginia Academy received a wonderful letter from Governor Jim Justice recognizing their Yass Prize award. Here is what it said:

"As Governor of West Virginia, I am pleased to welcome you to this celebratory occasion commemorating the remarkable achievement of the West Virginia Academy as the 2023 Yass Prize finalist.

I consistently emphasize that education is pivotal in my administration and steadfastly stand by that commitment. Educators are crucial contributors to our society, exerting tireless efforts and dedication to mold the minds of our students, recognizing them as architects of our future.

It fills me with great joy to learn that the West Virginia Academy has been acknowledged as the distinguished Yass prize finalist, marking a historic achievement as the first school in West Virginia to receive this prestigious award. This noteworthy accomplishment is a compelling testament to the school's unwavering dedication to innovative and transformative education, undoubtedly making a positive impact on the lives of our students.

Allow me to take this moment to extend my sincere congratulations to everyone at West Virginia Academy. Your well-deserved recognition of the Yass Prize reflects the dedication of West Virginia Academy. It establishes the groundwork for a legacy of excellence in future educational endeavors within the state. May this remarkable achievement inspire generations to come, raising the bar for excellence in education throughout the state."

-James C. Justice, II


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