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Senator Rucker sees her vision of WV school choice come to fruition.

Senator Rucker is well known in the Mountain State for her tireless work in bring school choice options to West Virginia. In 2019, Rucker was chairman of the Senate Education Committee. Under her leadership, they passed the Charter School Bill, allowing our school to become a reality, they also successfully expanded the charter school program with the Hope Scholarship in 2021. Senator Rucker has a background in teaching, working in Montgomery County, Maryland. Her goal has always been to "help students get the best education possible." Currently, she serves as the chair of the School Choice Senate Committee.

West Virginia Academy was proud to welcome Senator Rucker into WV's first charter school early February to show her the impact her hard work has accomplished. The Senator toured many of the classrooms, stopping to listen to a scholar play the piano, observing the 8th grade energy experiments, and talking to the 6th grade class regarding her role in state government. Students were studying Federalism, making a cake with three layers: local, state, and federal. "I got an 'excused absence' to be here with you today," Rucker said explaining how she was able to miss the senate legislative session. Students received a personal application to the lessons taught in school with this historic visit.

WVA is always on the lookout to give their students these academic connection outside the classroom and with their community. They have carefully allocated funds to provide field trips and other experiences that enhance student learning.


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