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State Board Finds No Deficiencies in West Virginia Academy's Charter Application

Morgantown, WV - West Virginia Academy received some very positive news today regarding its charter application from the West Virginia Professional Charter School Board (PCSB). After a careful analysis of its entire application that included a formal interview and public open forum, the PCSB found that the academy's charter application "does not have any identified deficiencies" and is in compliance with the charter law. Adam Kissel, the chair of the PCSB, provided nearly ten pages of analysis of the academy's application citing the many requirements under the charter law and detailing how West Virginia Academy meets each requirement.

"We are very excited about this news and the findings indicate that our organization is in great shape to receive formal approval when the charter board meets next month," said John Treu, President of West Virginia Academy. "We've received a strong response from interested families so far, consistent with our projections, but a lot of families are still waiting to pre-register until they get a read on whether our charter will be approved. The feedback from the PCSB is a strong indication that we are on the right track to open our school next Fall."

The Professional Charter School Board is a new state-level board that authorizes and oversees charter schools based on the charter school law that was amended earlier this year. PCSB members are appointed by the Governor and approved by the senate. West Virginia Academy was the first organization to submit a charter application to this new board and it was the first to receive feedback on its application. The board is expected to meet on November 10th to conduct a formal vote on West Virginia Academy's charter. If that vote goes in the academy's favor, then the school will be authorized to open next year. The charter school will be located in the Cheat Lake area of Morgantown and will serve preschool through 9th grade in its first year.

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