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Dressing for Success: The West Virginia Academy Culture

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

At West Virginia Academy, we want our students to be recognized as ambassadors for not only our school but for the state of West Virginia. The education of students is important to all members of the school community and this priority will be reflected in everything we do including our dress and appearance. All students attending the school will comply with a dress code and wear uniforms while on school grounds (with the exception of Physical Education class) and while serving in the community so long as the activity is appropriate for such attire.

West Virginia Academy's dress code will: (1) decrease distractions in the learning environment, (2) increase respect for learning within the walls of the school, (3) increase respect for students by faculty, parents, and the community, and (4) simplify school readiness on a daily basis for parents and students.

West Virginia Academy's Promise

  • Our dress code will be as simple as possible, while still maintaining a professional look. We have chosen as few pieces as necessary to achieve the benefits listed above.

  • Complying with our dress code will be affordable. With an increasing number of schools across the country mandating school uniforms, many clothing providers offer school uniform clothing at affordable rates and so school uniforms are generally less expensive than standard school clothing. Additionally, our uniform dress code will enable discrete forms of assistance for low income families.

  • Our school uniforms will be durable. Let's face it, students are hard on their clothing. Our school uniforms will be durable and able to last through outdoor activities and recess play.

West Virginia Academy believes that school uniforms increase the overall professionalism of our community both within the walls of our school and without.

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