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WVA Secondary School


The Middle Years Program (MYP) sciences foster critical and creative thinking about research and design, as well as the identification of assumptions and alternative explanations.

Courses Offered School Year

  • Integrated Science

  • Earth and Space 

  • Physical Science

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

Annual Fall Fest
At the end of the first term, we will be holding an annual Fall Fest.  Each grade will be responsible for running a booth with a game that fits the theme for the term. Fall Fest will not only include educational and fun grade-level booths, but each homeroom class will be given an opportunity to make a scarecrow reflecting some aspect of the theme. Families, Community members, and student groups will also be encouraged to create a scarecrow representing the current theme.  The scarecrows will be displayed and judged with winners receiving certificates and awards.
Yearly Science Fair

Gravity, Magnetism, Heat, and Energy, these are just some of the topics that we will discover during our third term.  The theme will vary year to year keeping the event exciting each year. Our scholars will be exploring the various science topics and experimenting either as a class or as a small group. Secondary students will be asked to present one with a partner. 

That afternoon, we will be opening our school to the community for a free science event. All will be welcome to see these amazing science projects our students have created as well as participate in many science experiments and demonstrations for an afternoon of fun and learning.

Ocean Week

West Virginia Academy scholars will have a chance to discover the wonders of the ocean.  Students will be exploring the different zones in the ocean and receiving hands-on experience with ocean animals.

Space Satellite
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