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Ingenuity and Entrepreneurial Project Area

We want our students TO DO great things.  It is very possible that the jobs our students will be applying for in the future may not even exist today. Entrepreneurship is not just creating a business, it is a mindset.  Innovation, creativity and discovery are the essential skills our students will learn in this project area.  Teachers will have access to the VentureLab curriculum, which provides grade level curriculum with all the materials needed to successfully implement it in their class.


We want our older students TO DO great things as well.  Their focus will be on how and why we create?  This project area will focus on human ingenuity and our student’s ability to innovate based on inquiry.  Students will also explore creativity by experimenting, questioning assumptions, using imagination and synthesizing information. Students will research inventors and creators from different eras, disciplines, and cultures.  Curriculum will be supplemented by Invention Convention Worldwide. 

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