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Academics isn't the only thing we will focus our attention on at WVA, what about student behavior?

West Virginia Academy’s overall goal is to have students master not only the general academic curriculum, but also how to listen, engage, communicate, collaborate, and problem solve in social situations. Being able to apply these skills outside the classroom or in situations when frustration, anger, depression or even excitement can cloud reasoning is one of our top priorities.

We know that there will always be challenging scenarios when students are not demonstrating the academic and/or social, emotional, and behavioral progress and proficiency needed. So in order to effectively and efficiently respond in a manner that meets the specific needs of each student while providing a consistent framework and expectations, our school has developed a comprehensive and consistent multi-tiered, response-to-instruction and intervention (RtI2 ) system. Teachers and staff will work together to carefully analyze student needs and make sure they are progressing in the right tier for them.

Let’s explore the tiers of response to give you an idea of what this system is all about:

  1. Primary Prevention: This tier focuses on universal prevention and intervention strategies that can be used for and by all students. Our students will receive research-based, high quality, educational instruction that includes ongoing screenings and grade level assessments to inform the teacher how students are progressing in the class.

  2. Secondary Prevention: Students enter Tier 2 when assessments and screenings indication that a student is not making adequate gains from Tier 1 instruction alone. Selective strategies that are designed for specific groups and/or situations will be implemented and progress monitored each week.

  3. Tertiary Prevention: This tier is for students who have not made significant progress in Tier 2, are more than a grade and a half behind, or in the lower 10th percentile on universal screenings. Students in Tier 3 receive individualized instruction and will be closely monitored and supported to help make progress with their particular needs.

West Virginia Academy has taken great care in implementing research-based systems to help your child succeed in all aspects of life. We look forward to working your child at WVA on both their academic and social development.

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