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West Virginia Academy Enters the Metaverse!

Thanks to Victory XR and their generous donation, West Virginia Academy is able to use virtual technology within their classrooms. Victory XR is a Virtual Reality platform that hosts global field trips, simulations for learning, conversational AI historical figures/tutors, and so much more. Our students will be using this technology to enhance their learning in science, with a complete virtual chemistry lab and virtual dissections. As well as History, visiting time periods where they can truly see what it was like in that era. Our students have access to over 95 recorded lessons in true spatial 3D and over 100 360-degree field trips around the world.

West Virginia Academy has also been named a runner up for the Production Grant hosted by CareerViewXR. This company has partnered with career and technical educators, job placement professionals, industry leaders, and others to provide job shadowing and field trip experiences into the classroom for students to enjoy. Our scholars will have the opportunity to follow a 911 operator, registered nurse, meat cutter, or a veterinarian throughout their day and see if this is the right career for them. WVA now has access to over 75 career experiences to help expand our student's experiences and their futures.

We are also looking at partnering with another amazing company, AloeXR, which helps develop mindfulness in a safe virtual setting. Students gain critical skills to help control their emotions, body, and mind.

WVA is always looking to provide quality programs and unique opportunities for educational growth. Now our scholars have a chance to exponentially increase their academic learning through a virtual universe ready to be explored.

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