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West Virginia Academy
A Wraparound Community School

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Integrated Student Support System

West Virginia Academy will offer a variety of wraparound services overseen by qualified teachers, including before and after-school and break programming. These programs influence a child’s development and readiness to engage and learn in school. Across the nation, a wide range of programs and activities are being developed and evaluated to address the complex and changing needs of children, youth, and families. We use a research-based approach to ensure that our wraparound programming optimizes both academic achievement and social development. 

Child-Centered Focus

WVA will provide educational programming and activities from early in the morning until the evening that focus on developing individual student's needs, interests, and accomplishments. We recognize that and individual’s development includes multiple domains, such as: health, educational achievement, cognitive attainment, social and behavioral outcomes, and behavior. Our programs will also run on a modified year-round schedule with various learning opportunities between terms as well as in the summer

Life-Course Perspective

WVA is unique in that it will benefit from the unity of having all school buildings on one property, albeit in a separated nursery, primary, and secondary schools. Research has found that early educational experiences affect development and well-being in subsequent years. Our school will offer educational opportunities to children starting at age two. In 5 years, when WVA has grown to a full K-12 school we will have all curriculum, personnel, and management inextricably woven together.

Family Oriented

We are dedicated to serving the families of our community with a one-stop location for all young people’s educational needs.  We will strive to provide opportunities and programs that promote positive relationship development through our WVA Ambassador program as well as our annual school-wide activities that occur throughout the year.

Positive Youth Development

Positive Youth Development (PYD) transitions away from the traditional approaches of solely responding to youth at risk and toward a more proactive approach which ensures young people have the knowledge, skills, and support they need to thrive as adults, enjoy good health, succeed economically, and make meaningful contributions to their communities. WVA recognizes that all students learn differently and part of the education process is understanding how to learn. We will strive to foster a positive environment that promotes self-knowledge and advocacy to ensure that each scholar knows their most effective learning strategies and how monitor their progress in achieving their personal goals.

Before and After School Programming
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