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Another Amazing Friday at West Virginia Academy

WVA is known for their innovative and exciting Friday Experience Days and last Friday (May 3) was no exception. Five of our scholars were recognized for their amazing stories at the Young Writer's Day in Charleston, WV:

2nd Grader: Sophia Katner

3rd Grader: Pete Romeo

6th Grader: Weston Treu

8th Grader: Isabella Ikwuagwu

10th Grader: Aubrey Treu

These scholars attended a writing workshop as well as an award's ceremony on the University of Charleston campus.

Scholars in the 6th and 7th grade were supposed to have an adventure on Blennerhassett Island, however due to flooding in the region the group instead went to Cheat Lake for their year-end field trip. Donning their bandanas and enjoying the hot weather, students were divided into four groups. To explore the lake, Prof. Leedom took a group out kayaking, and Prof. Summers took another group on a Pontoon boat. The other two groups went swimming and learned how to catch and release fish from the dock. Students and leaders came back to the school with a health suntan.

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