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Teacher Spotlight: Dr. Nadira Ghattas

Updated: Apr 3

Today we are honoring our Secondary Science teacher, Dr. Nadira Ghattas (Dr. G.). Her hard work, planning, and love for the students shines through in every lesson as well as each teachable moment she has with our students.

Dr. Ghattas has a love for learning. She received her bachelor’s in chemistry with an industrial chemistry minor from Bethlehem University. After completing her bachelor’s, she furthered her education at West Virginia University and received two masters’ degrees. One in educational leadership and the other in curriculum and instruction. She, then continued to earn her Ed. D in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis in science education. During this time Nadira did extensive research on the advancements of knowledge and bionanotechnology. She has two publications and over five presentations on these subjects. She also has over ten years of experience teaching a variety of science topics as well as math.

Currently, Dr. G is teaching Integrated Science, Physical Science, Biology and Chemistry. She is wonderful at synthesizing all her educational teaching background with her research and studies. We are lucky to have her at WVA.

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