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Teacher Spotlight: Haylie Hyde

Haylie Hyde is West Virginia Academy’s Piano and Choir Teacher. She received her bachelor’s in instrumental music education for grades K-12 from Brigham Young University. She’s received the John Philip Sousa Award for her outstanding achievement and interest in instrumental music at American Fork High School. She also received the Robert Sauer Award for her superior musicianship and outstanding dedication to the BYU symphonic band. Prof. Hyde plays the piano and clarinet, yet she also knows the fundamentals of many musical instruments. She brings her love of music and over 10 years of experience in music instruction to the scholars at WVA.  

This year, Professor Hyde teaches bells and piano to our primary students. She also teaches piano and choir at the secondary level. Next year she is looking to offer band, for those that are interested. Her love for teaching is evident in her lessons and all the hard work she puts into the recitals. We love Prof. Hyde.

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