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Teacher Spotlight: Jennifer Ireland

Jennifer Ireland has over 10 years of teaching experience. She graduated from Walden University with her bachelor's in child development with a specialization in preschool/daycare management. She also completed her master's degree in early childhood studies with a specialization in Early Childhood Public Policy Advocate.

In 2015 Professor Ireland received the Family Partnership Award from WVU CLC Bright Horizons for her support for working families and ensuring their satisfaction. While working she dedicated her time to research Sensory Processing Disorder, which allowed her to work closely with a student affected by it. With this, she was able to make safe areas for her students and create a conducive environment where her students blossomed more than she ever thought possible.

Prof. Ireland is a kindergarten teacher for West Virginia Academy where she uses her skills, compassion and understanding of student needs to make her room a haven for safe learning.  She also is a role model for secondary students who frequently request to help in her class. Prof. Ireland's influence on WVA students is felt and known throughout the school.

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