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Teacher Spotlight: Katilyn Leedom

Professor Leedom was one of the first teachers hired at West Virginia Academy. She received her bachelor’s degree in physical education with a minor in coaching education from West Virginia University. Growing up she played multiple sports and at the age of 19 Katie was the youngest person in Mon County to ever start coaching. She has now been coaching for 9 years.

Prof. Leedom has also taught a middle school mountain biking class for 2 years where she taught her students anywhere from how to change a tire, bike safety and later took them out to trails. She is now the physical education teacher for West Virginia Academy. She teaches our Kindergartners all the way up to our 10th graders. She enjoys coming in on Fridays for intramural days, seeing how her students apply the skills they’ve learned during the week, and working to help her students learn life-long health habits. Students describe her as a "fun, laid-back teacher that likes to play with the students and connect with them." Thank you, Coach, we love and appreciate all your hard work.

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