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Teacher Spotlight: Lily Vredingburgh

Lily Vredingburgh was awarded her master’s in education, graduating with a 4.0 GPA. The summer before graduation she was a mentor at Americorps Energy Express where she provided individualized reading and writing interventions. She also completed a student teaching internship where she collaborated with veteran teachers grades PreK-4th to prepare and instruct daily lessons in mathematics, science and literacy while becoming familiar with essential classroom skills and strategies. After graduating she began teaching with experience in 2nd and 3rd grade. During the academic year, Lily was able to help 86% of her students increase 2 or more Fountas and Pinnell reading leaves or be on a grade level to enter the following grade exceeding the expectation of 75%.

Professor V. is WVA's 4th grade teacher. She is also the team lead and coordinates all the standardized tests taken at our school. Last year she was one of the first teachers to travel to Utah to get specialized training in our unique programs by our sister school, American Preparatory Academy. That training has propelled her teaching and classroom management in the classroom. This year she has volunteered to run our theater camp. She has organized and directed a wonderful Mystery Dinner: The Shootout, in just one month. The students will agree that Prof. V. has high expectations in her classroom and instills a love of learning to all within her reach. We love Prof. Vredingburgh.

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