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West Virginia Academy Announces Fall 2022 Opening, School Location, and Launches Pre-Registration

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Monday, August 9, 2021 (Morgantown, WV) – West Virginia Academy publicly announces several important developments today. The academy will open its nursery, primary, and secondary schools in the Fall of 2022, it has selected a site for the school in the Cheat Lake area of Morgantown, and pre-registration is now open. The school will serve grades Pre-K through 9 starting in 2022 with plans to add one additional grade each year so that its first class will graduate in the 2025-26 school year.

“West Virginia Academy will be opening as a tuition-free school next fall either as this state’s first public charter school or, alternatively, as a non-profit institution funded through the new Hope Scholarship program,” said John Treu, President of West Virginia Academy. “We can move forward and execute on firm plans because the new laws provide two clear paths that were not available under the prior law. Importantly, our path forward can no longer be inhibited by the local school boards, nor will they have any say in our process going forward. While we will become a part of the local public school offerings, we will be guided by either the state-level Professional Charter School Board or by a national-level accrediting body, which is great news for our students. This eliminates local politics and resistance from district administrators that have obvious conflicts of interest. We can move forward with our opening next year with confidence. We selected the location for our school and have opened pre-registration to help us in planning to meet community demand. School choice will finally arrive next year and enrich the lives of the many families in our community who need an alternative to traditional public schools.”

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