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West Virginia Academy Becomes WV's First-Ever Charter School

A historic moment for West Virginia public education occurred on Tuesday morning as West Virginia Academy executed its official charter agreement with the WV Professional Charter School Board. This concludes the formal approval process and makes West Virginia Academy the first-ever charter school in the state of West Virginia with its initial opening this fall. The timing of this historic event could not be better as West Virginia Academy's deadline for student applications is just two weeks away on March 31st.

This moment will be one of many firsts as West Virginia Academy blazes a new trail in public education. The academy will open this fall not only as West Virginia's first-ever charter school, but also the state's first International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program, its first Core Knowledge School, and its first direct instruction school. The charter school is not innovating simply for the sake of innovation. The school is built from top to bottom around improving the student experience and excitement is building as families become more familiar with charter schools and the quality of education charters can provide. Not every child's needs are being met by the current public system and charter schools provide a meaningful choice to families through tuition-free education that does not follow the standard public school mold.

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