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WVA’s 1st Golden Horseshoe Winner!

“Sic juvat transcendere montes”- Thus, it is pleasant to cross the mountains. Those are the words Alexander Spotswood engraved on the golden horseshoes that he gave to his expedition in 1716. Now each year since 1931 West Virginia history scholars also go on their own expedition learning and studying the history of this great state. Those who score well on the end of year test are awarded with their very own golden horseshoe.

As the secondary social studies and 8th grade homeroom professor I am proud to say I get to interact with every scholar and share in all of their successes both academic and personal. This year in West Virginia History has been filled with many trials and joys and I personally believe that every scholar in my homeroom has grown and accomplished more than the men on Spotwood’s expedition and if I had the authority, I would give them all a golden horseshoe pin. Fortunately, one of our scholars accomplished his goal of earning a pin in and in a ceremony in June at the state capitol building he will receive his pin and be knighted. We as a school get to announce the first ever winner of the golden horseshoe from West Virginia Academy, James Treu! James has worked hard all year, and I am proud that this dedication will be rewarded. James has been an excellent scholar all year and is always eager to ask questions and learn more about every topic we cover. He is an excellent representative for our school to send to Charleston.

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