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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow at WVA

As our school year comes to an end at WVA, there are so many exciting things going on that we thought families might enjoy a quick summary.


Typically, the weeks following standardized testing are tough for any school to keep the students motivated to learn in the classroom. West Virginia Academy's answer to that challenge is Ocean Week, which we celebrated throughout last week. We are also joining with many other classrooms, NGO's, businesses, research centers, and others around the world to celebrate the World's Ocean Day. This year's theme is Awakening New Depths and the UN declared it will be on June 8th. Each teacher received a toolkit with activities, online books, and various projects for the week. Our amazing WVA teachers went above and beyond this simple toolkit and took our students to New Depths during Ocean Week. To add a bit more fun to the occasion, our student council also planned special spirit days where the students veer from their traditional uniforms by adding some pizzazz.


Our final week of the 2023 - 2024 academic year is coming to a close on Friday. We plan to end this school year with some wonderful events. Secondary students will be bowling and going to the Launch Pad. Graduation will be on Wednesday, June 5 (you can find the schedule HERE). Thursday will be our Team Cup Challenge. Please have your child dress with their bathing suit under their ambassador shirt. We are excited to have Planet Fitness join us for that celebration. Students will be competing in brain game challenges, testing their agility and speed, and having a lot of fun. Scores will be tallied, and the winners will be awarded medals at the end of the day. Friday will be an early release day. Scholars are to bring their yearbook for signatures. If your child did not purchase a yearbook - that is okay! Have them bring their ambassador shirts and we will provide fabric markers for them to be signed (silver markers for the navy shirts).


Looking forward to next year, we will be hosting an informational session for parents of enrolled students over Zoom on Tuesday, June 4 at 7:00pm. The link will be sent out in an email to families that request it (please RSVP to not later than 5pm tomorrow). This meeting will introduce WVA families to the new Athletic Director and programs, discuss academic program enhancements, particularly for our 6th graders and high schoolers, and address some current parent concerns and frequently asked questions. If you have any questions or concerns you would like addressed in the meeting, please include those questions with your RSVP.

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