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The Greatest Movement in Nearly a Century

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Excitement is building around West Virginia Academy as hundreds of students have already applied to attend this fall for our inaugural academic year. Each family enrolls in our school based on individual educational goals and needs, but our families also play a critical role in the greatest movement in West Virginia public education since 1933 when county school districts were established. We are both humbled and honored to be founding a school that is deeply innovative, family centric, and historically significant. When our doors open this August, West Virginia families will have a meaningful choice in public education for the first time ever.

Support Our All-Kids-Bike Fundraiser

We're reaching out to our community of supporters to help us fund a program that will ensure all children at our school learn to ride a bike by the first grade. This program is transformative as it will enable students in older grades to progress through more advanced skills including BMX, gear and mountain biking. A VELA microgrant has partially funded all of these programs including 30% of the seed funding for our AllKidsBike Kindergarten program. We're asking our supporters to help us get across the finish line to fully fund this important program.

Check out our progress and please consider donating at our school's dedicated page.

Join Our Team!

We are hard at work recruiting and hiring exceptional educators and staff. We welcome applications by highly qualified individuals that share our vision for public education. Check out job postings and opportunities on our jobs page.

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