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WVSSAC Approval and Parents' Meeting with Board Chair

WVSSAC Membership

West Virginia Academy officially joined the West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission (WVSSAC) last week for its competitive sports. This step paves the way for sports competition at the secondary levels with traditional public schools throughout West Virginia and provides a path for the academy to join conferences within the public system down the road. The academy already offers competition sports in cross country, basketball, and track and is gauging interest for additional options. The competitive sports options are in addition to physical education as well as intra-mural sports and outdoor adventure sports that regularly occur during experience days each Friday.

Parents' Meeting with Board Chair on Thursday Night

An in-person parents' meeting with John Treu, the Board Chair of West Virginia Academy, will be held at West Virginia Academy at 6:30pm in the evening on Thursday, November 3rd, 2022. The purpose of the meeting is to bring families up to speed on several developments at the Academy and address some points of common concern, including:

(i) Organizational Achievements and Priorities for Improvement;

(ii) Financial Results for First Quarter and Budget Outlook;

(iii) Enrollment Counts and Availability;

(iv) Status of Permanent Facility and Current Rented Facility;

(v) Onboarding of Additional Programming;

(vi) Transportation and Travel Reimbursements;

The meeting should run about an hour and will conclude with a Q&A session. All families in the West Virginia Academy community are invited and welcome to attend.

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Deborah Corbin
Deborah Corbin
31 באוק׳ 2022

Will there be a virtual option to attend the meeting on the 3rd?

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