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Teacher Spotlight: Kristen Harris

Kristen Harris is originally from northeastern Pennsylvania. She received her bachelor's in art education with a minor in textile art from Kutztown University. After her undergraduate degree in 2018, she moved to West Virginia with her husband, where she began working as an elementary art teacher. Kristen was the only art teacher at her school to more than 750 kids before the Covid pandemic hit. With only a few years of in-person learning, she had to quickly learn to teach art virtually, which was a challenge! Kristen is happy to be back in in-person learning. She enjoys teaching smaller classes and how the school's leveling program encourages different grades to intermesh and learn together. Currently, Prof. Harris teaches art to grades Kindergarten through 10th grade at WVA. In her free time (if she has any), she loves to garden, be outside, and has started a new hobby of birdwatching with her husband and cat.  

Kristen is co-partners with Dani Summers in planning and coordinating every field trip all year! She loves spending time teaching the students outside the classroom. Each scholar is excited for art and field trips while Prof. Harris is at the helm. She also is there helping to make props, background scenes, and decorations for our culminating activities, school theater plays and musicals, and end of year festivities. She does an amazing job linking the school together through art. We love Prof. Harris!

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