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What is a West Virginia Public Charter School?

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

According to a new law in West Virginia, a public charter school is part of the West Virginia public school system and is required to meet the same performance standards as other public schools. Public charter schools are not home-based schools, private schools, nor are they not affiliated with any religion. Charter schools in West Virginia also must be organized as non-profits and have voluntary boards of governors that are made up of parents and specialists in curriculum development, law, and finance. A West Virginia Charter School is never allowed to charge tuition or fees (other than fees that are typically charged by traditional public schools).

Charter schools are designed to diversify the educational offerings in West Virginia public education by providing an opportunity for parents to choose where to send their child for schooling. A West Virginia charter school is also allowed to participate in all state or district sponsored athletic and academic leagues, competitions, awards, and scholarships. Charter schools are public schools that provide innovative curriculum to teach your child in a way that will help your child succeed in school.

If you are excited to see a charter school open in your area, join our mailing list. Together we can increase the diversity in public school education.

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