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Teacher Spotlight: Ashley Vanscoy

Ashley Vanscoy is our patient, loving preschool teacher. She earned her degree in early childhood development and daycare management. She has over 17 years of experience working in education. While living in Pennsylvania she worked as a paraprofessional, working in small groups and with individuals as needed. Ashley is currently taking classes to receive her paraprofessional certification so she can better assist students in need. Ashley is creative in her teaching and patient when working on helping those little scholars throughout the day.

Ashley Vanscoy has worked for West Virginia Academy since it opened. She has been a substitute, DI instructor, front office administrator and now our preschool teacher. With each assignment, she takes the lead and does an amazing job. We can always count on Ashley to be in school on time and prepared each day for her students. We love Ashley and know her preschoolers do to.

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