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WV Supreme Court Grants Charter's Motion to Expedite and Updated Charter Legislation Passes in House

On Thursday, West Virginia Academy, a non-profit organization seeking to establish West Virginia's first public charter school, received some very good news with respect to its petition before the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia. The high court took up the academy's case against the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) and granted the academy's petition to expedite the proceedings. This development comes in the same week that the West Virginia House of Delegates passed a bill seeking to dramatically expand the availability of charter schools in the Mountain State. West Virginia Academy's charter application was approved by operation of law in the Fall of 2020, but the WVDE still refuses to authorize its charter, which is at the crux of the lawsuit. The WVDE's inaction essentially blocks the charter school from finalizing its charter and beginning the enrollment process as directed under the law.

"We're very pleased that the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals is considering our case and has granted our motion to expedite the proceedings," said John Treu, the President and a member of the governing board of West Virginia Academy. "This means we are one step closer to realizing our mission of providing an outstanding alternative option to parents in Monongalia and Preston Counties within the public school system. This is really a victory for the many families in our community who feel that their children's needs are not being met." West Virginia Academy will seek to establish the first International Baccalaureate middle years program and the first core knowledge school in West Virginia. Its focus will be academic in nature, although the school will utilize cutting edge technology and innovation in deploying its athletics and arts programs.

The court's ruling will be applauded by proponents of school choice throughout West Virginia. even though the outcome of the case is far from decided at this point. The expedited nature of the proceedings that are before the court under its original jurisdiction means the outcome of the lawsuit will be finally determined on a much shorter timeline than would otherwise be the case. The court may render its decision in a matter of weeks or even days rather than in a matter of months or years. Many parents are seeking alternatives to traditional public education at this time and the wait for meaningful school choice in West Virginia could soon be over. West Virginia Academy is seeking to return its exclusive focus to providing a great option in education for its community.

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